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For bridal, large-scale, editorial, or other, call or email for a custom quote.

light retouch

Added to the Light Retouch, an in-depth overall facial skin "polish" that keeps a natural, realistic texture. 

Great for most adults and teens.

in-depth skin polish



*in addition to the light retouch

- erase acne, makeup in pores, flaky skin

- tone down lines/texture

- even up discoloration

- erase more extensive flyaways

standard retouching

Our unique "Darkroom Developing" to add depth and dimension; plus a light retouch to:

*as low as $5, after Print Setup lab savings

- soften undereye lines/shadows

- erase a few blemishes

- erase light flyaway hairs

- whiten teeth and eye whites

Great for most kids; and adults with smooth, even skin. Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.



file setup

optional. choose either, or both:

online setup

- LA Casting/
   Casting Networks

- Casting Frontier

- Actor's Access


A set of sized files ready to upload to the most popular online casting services:



setup only (no retouching): online- or print-only $15, dual (print+online) $20


8x10 print setup

A print-ready 8x10 file with your choice of border/font, ready to print at one of our partner print labs* or your own favorite lab.

*Print Setup saves you $12-$25 at our partner print labs, making your effective Retouch cost as low as $5.



custom retouching

above and beyond a standard retouch:

- heavier acne/uneven/flakey/textured skin

- open eyes wider

- slim face/re-contour jawline

- shave stubble/beards



- fill in/erase/reshape hair; or heavy flyaways

- change color of hair/clothing

- erase clothing wrinkles

- reshape body

quoted per image


photo restoration/colorizing

starting at $65*

*priced per image. Minimum $65, typically $85-$160; up to $295 depending upon complexity. Includes on-site scan and digital restoration, with digital delivery of sized print-ready image file provided (digital file only; original print not repaired).