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Headshot pricing only. For restoration rates, click here. 
For bridal, large-scale, editorial, or other, call or email for a custom quote.

light “spot” retouch

Added to the Light Retouch, an in-depth overall facial skin "polish" that keeps a natural, realistic texture. 

Great for most adults and teens. (All gallery samples shown include the in-depth skin polish.) 

in-depth skin polish



*in addition to the light retouch

- erase acne, makeup in pores, flaky skin

- tone down lines/texture

- even up discoloration

- erase more extensive flyaways

standard retouching

Our unique "Darkroom Developing" to add depth and dimension; plus a light retouch to:

- soften undereye lines/shadows

- erase a few blemishes

- erase light flyaway hairs

- whiten teeth and eye whites

Great for most kids; and adults or teens with smooth, even skin. Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.



file setup

optional. choose either, or both:

online setup

- LA Casting/
   Casting Networks

- Casting Frontier

- Actor's Access


A set of sized files ready to upload to the most popular online casting services:



setup only (no retouching): online- or print-only $15, dual (print+online) $20


8x10 print setup

A print-ready 8x10 file with your choice of border/font, ready to print at one of our partner print labs* or your own favorite lab.

*Print Setup saves you $10 or more at our partner print lab, making your effective Retouch cost as low as $15.



custom retouching

above and beyond a standard retouch:

- heavier acne/uneven/flakey/textured skin

- open eyes wider

- slim face/re-contour jawline

- shave stubble/beards



- fill in/erase/reshape hair; or heavy flyaways

- change color of hair/clothing

- erase clothing wrinkles

- reshape body

quoted per image

other pricing

photo restoration/colorizing

starting at $65*

*priced per image. Minimum $65, typically $85-$160; or higher depending upon complexity. Includes on-site scan and digital restoration, with sized print-ready digital image file delivered (your original paper print is not repaired). 
Each restoration includes FREE PRINTS mailed directly to you! (Choose one 8x10, two 5x7s, or three 4x6s.)

(includes free prints)

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