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frequently asked questions

What's the turnaround time?

Before/after retouching previews are emailed in about 10 business days and usually sooner, typically 6-8 business days (allow a bit longer for large orders and/or during busy season). 1- 2- or 3-business-day rush or 1-week priority turnaround is available; ask when you order. (Photo restoration projects may take longer, generally 2-3 weeks.)


What forms of payment do you accept?

Pre-payment via cash, check, Visa/MC/Amex/Discover (for a 2% bank fee), Square's Cash phone app, or Venmo.com. Chase - Bank of America - Wells Fargo - Citibank customers can also pay online via Zelle for no fee.


Can I revise the work?

Yes! Up to two rounds of revisions are included. (Further revisions or new custom requests may increase the total.)


Can I come in for an in-person consultation?

Sure! It's $30 for 20 minutes, which applies toward your retouching order of $100 or more. Call for appointment.


Can I come in to oversee the retouching in-person?

Of course! You're welcome to come in and tweak the retouched image together. The price is the standard Retouching plus $30 for your first 15 minutes, $10 for each 5 minutes afterward. Call for appointment.


Your work is high-end and customized, so why are your prices as low – or lower – than quality labs'?

Simple: overhead. At a lab, most of your retouching money goes toward the building, the leather sofas in the lobby, the front counter people, and the owner's second Porsche. :) Here, your money's on the screen. Compare websites side-by-side to see the difference.


What if my photographer offers retouching?

Would you want a retoucher to shoot your photos? :) If it's free and you're tight on cash, we get it. But we have repeat clients who forego their photographers' free retouching to come to us instead; and agents/managers who strongly recommend that their clients do so. (And our finished product reflects well on the photographer, too.) Compare websites side-by-side to see the difference.


I'm ready to order! What now?

Call, email, or click on "Ordering" above to get started!